Warriors & Quiet Waters:

“Fly fishing is a solace…the opposite of war… a gentle and healing occupation.”~ Luis Marden

This spring Big Timber Fly Fishing was honored to help WQW provide traumatically injured U.S. servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan with a high quality restorative program, utilizing the therapeutic experience of fly fishing on Montana’s Quiet Waters.

The WQW event that happened in Big Timber was a first of it’s kind where the Foundation partnered with an outfitter and ranches that are outside of the Bozeman area to provide a seven day experience in Montana.   We were so happy to meet the 6 servicemen and start the process of getting to know them and give them well deserved time on the Quiet Waters of Montana.  All of the servicemen in our Hai and Tony Vgroup are experiencing the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  and all but one had a Traumatic Brain Injury.  

WQW pairs a professional guide with a caring and gifted companion to help the HossBrownservicemen experience the solace that comes from fly fishing.  This magic  formula of two caring people pouring love on one Warrior is incredible for those who have had a chance to participate in the program.  This  tree-o combined with the hearty food served by “Moms” (we had one great Dad in the kitchen as well), a safe and sleep-inducing accommodations and healing surroundings makes this program a premier program for helping our servicemen and women recover from the harmful effects of war.

During our going-a-way dinner on the last night of the week we had one Warrior share that before coming to Montana he could not see a tomorrow.  He also shared that after spending time in Montana he felt reborn.  What a testimony to the work of this great Foundation!!  This type of transformation has been happening with every group since the organization was started in 2007.

If you have the time, resources or interest in partnering with this great organization feel free to George Anderson at (406)932-6597.  You can also contact the Foundation directly at www.warriorandquietwaters.org .

Special thanks to WQW President and Founder Ret. Col. Eric Hastings and WQW Director of Fly Fishing Collin Brown for including us in the event that happened in the Big Timber area. Thank you to George III, George Jr, Mark B, Dennis A and Tony V for guiding the great group of guys you see pictured.   Thanks to Will Lassiter for being our emergency guide and answering the early morning call and saving the day when one guide went down sick.  We hope to help again next year!

Come enjoy Big Timber’s Yellowstone Country!

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George out with his boys Colter and Bridger!

Oufitter/Owner: George Anderson

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